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Two-Factor Authentication: How to for Instagram

The more accounts that are being hacked everyday I am finding myself trying to help others set up their two-step authentication to prevent this. So here is a quick tutorial. Step 1: When you are looking at your own instagram profile page, you will see three lines in the upper righthand corner, this the menu button. Depending on how your use your instagram, you could be very familiar with this button and you may also not be. This is where we need to go to get to the settings option.

Step 2: Please click the "Settings" option at the top of the list next to a gear icon.

Step 3: Once in your settings, you will want to select the option "Security". This is halfway down the list next to the icon of a shield with a checkmark.

Step 4: Once inside the security option you will now see you have found the "Two-factor authentication" option. Again, halfway down the list. Choose this.

Step 5: This is where you will choose how you want to get your login codes. Login codes is what is sent to you via different options to verify it is you. For example, if someone is trying to hack you and has obtained your password they will enter the password and Instagram will send YOU the verification code to continue logging in. If you get a code sent to you that you did not request, change your password immediately. In this case I have chose to use "WhatsApp" (a texting app that can be downloaded) and my cellphone number. If you choose to not use WhatsApp you can select "Additional Methods" and see what works best for you.

That is how you set up your Two Step Authentication option. While we all would like to think we are clever and will know if someone has sent us a bad link, it can still happen. It got me because someone I knew (and trusted) got hacked and the hacker sent me a link through their account. I thought it was my friend, so why not trust them? You really can't trust that everything sent to you is actually coming from who you THINK has sent it. This is why I HIGHLY recommend setting up your Two-Factor Authentication. That being said, I also recommend checking your "Login Activity". If you feel like there was a weird login, or to make sure you are not signed in anywhere that you shouldn't be, you can check this under the "Security" setting by choosing "Login Activity". Hope that helps! Jess, Luna , and Lily

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