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2020 is that you?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

No. It's 2022. Ehh, same thing right? Here we are the first month in to 2022 and the girl's @FloridaCorgis instagram account got hacked. January 15th at exactly 2:25pm at "The Crossings, FL". Just in case Instagram decides to read my blog during their due diligence regarding the countless emails, reports, tickets, recovery attempts, tweets, facebook business chats, calling corporate, 100+ friends reporting daily. You know, in case they decide to actually follow up. Not a big deal to some, maybe most, but for me it was. I had that account before Luna was born, thats over six years. Six years of friendships and of creating business partners. I lost so many meaningful conversations, photos, and memories amongst friends. This isn't JUST a business account to me. It's a community. Its family. It's my family. Ive been there for relationships, marriages, graduations, births, puppies.. Ive been there for breakups, divorces, loss of jobs, deaths of family or pets.. and everything that everyone has been there for me in return. So forgive me as I mourn the loss of those six years. But, in the meantime ,I have created a new page, @THEfloridacorgis, and we will rise up from the ashes. You know, like Fawkes ;) I want to add a special thank you to everyone who has reported the account/hacker. The corgi community is a force to be reckoned with. And we are in full attack mode. Reporting and spreading the word. We are family.

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