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Ive been eyeing this company and their dog homes for a long time. I am so incredibly happy to have finally made the leap and purchased one. WLO offers dog houses and dog crates for all sizes and I opted for a dog house (in size 2) for Luna because she is not normally crated, but for any reason she needs to be, I can close the front doors. These comes in different colors and are so fun to customize/decorate at home. We chose the white home and decided to turn it into the Folklore Cabin by adding moss and a chandelier. 
Next we are eying the dog crates for Lily, as she is a pup that needs her safe spot when Im not home. 

Purchase here:

Discount Code:

IG: @wlostore

Crafty Corgo


The cutest mug for your pups puppucino's!
Now the girls can be spoiled with this treat anywhere anytime!

Purchase here:
Discount Code: LUNALILY15

IG: @craftycorgo

Royal Collections and Co.


I've been a fan and customer of Royal Collections and Co. for 8 years now, back when they only sold bandanas! Now their merchandise includes dog bed covers, apparel, drink ware, stickers, and buttons to cover your pet and home needs! Our most recent purchase was a dog bed cover (to cover a bed that the girls had won but didn't fit our home decor) and I was over the moon when I received it. It was so beautifully aesthetic and so well made! Even better that the dogs found it as comfortable as ever lol.
You can purchase here:
*no discount code at this time

IG: @royalcollectionsandco

Furhaven Plush Faux Fur Beanbag

IMG_4722 2.JPG

I don't know why it took me so long to add this.. I rave about it all the time, all my friends have seen how much my girls love them, asked where I bought them, then ran and purchased it for their pups. 
But for real, I cannot tell you how much I (ok, the girls) love these! According to the sizing chart they would be a small (up to 20lbs) or medium (up to 35lbs)... but no.. I wanted the girls to curl up and be engulfed in this bed. I wanted them to look like they were the filling on/in a donut.
So I bought a large.. and it was perfect for my 20lb corgis. 

Update!! We have raved so much for these beds that FurHaven has asked us to work with them!! We now have a code for our friends to use!!

Purchase here:

Discount Code:

IG: @furhavenpetproducts

Corgis for a Cause


 Corgis for a Cause is a group of corgi pawrents who came together with the shared goal of aiding animals around the world. Eager to lend a paw, they decided to use our fur babies' combined Instagram following to help make a difference. The creation of Corgis for a Cause and the annual charitable calendar showcasing all of their Corgis' pawdorable personalities was born as a result! ​They are committed to donating sales proceeds from the yearly calendar sales to animal rescue organizations in areas affected by recent natural disasters across the globe.

After an incredibly successful few years, CFAC realized that their group had the ability to make an even greater impact on the world. Corgis for a Cause has since expanded into other merchandise, donating our profits to an expanse of important causes, such as healthcare worker relief, Black Lives Matter organizations, the Trevor Project, and more! 

Please check them out at


IG: @corgisforacause

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