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Sleepy Cotton


Sleepy Cotton is another company that has great products and donates to animals in need. For Lily, since she has no skin/allergy issues, I bought the strawberry revitalizing shampoo and it smells so good! For Luna, who has allergies which results in skin irritation, I got the sanitizing shampoo and paw cleanser (for when she comes in from outside). I still use her medicated conditioner from our vet but this seems to help with fighting against whatever she's allergic to outside. 
We have also recently got the "Oddly Sweet" Dental Care water additive and oral gel. Im really excited to try those next as dental care is so important!

Shop their line at:
Discount code: FloridaCorgis10

IG: @SleepyCottonCo

Wisdom Panel - Pet DNA Test


Insights at a glance

Screens for 365+ breeds

Finds their relatives

Genetic health tests

Physical traits and appearance

Vet consultation for 'at risk' health findings

Ancestry Results

  • Most accurate breed detection test.

  • View breed mix reported down to 1%

  • Multi-generational family tree

  • Trace your dog's ancestry tree back three generations.

  • Genetic Diversity

  • Measure how genetically diverse (or heterozygous) your pup's DNA is.

  • Chromosome Browser

  • A map that displays the breed info found in every chromosome of your mixed breed pup.

Health Results

  • Ideal weight range

  • Get a recommendation based on breed and genetic tests.

  • Carrier status

  • Find out if your dog could pass down genetic risk factors to their puppies.

Traits Results

  • Coat color and type

  • 40 tests on coat color, patterns, and texture—as well as hairlessness and shedding.

  • Body features

  • 11 tests for head and body shape, eye color, and high altitude adaptation.

Start your pets journey here:

Discount code: (use link above for $20 off)

IG: @wisdompanel

Give A Sh!t


I was contacted by this company try out their eco friendly poop bags. I never thought it would be such a game changer for us. These bags are all we use now. 100% compostable and biodegradable, easy to open (no more licking you finger to open a plastic bag, because eww and because 2020), and they give back 10% of sales goes to animal protection charities. 

Shop on amazon:

fcorgis10 will get you a discount on us!

IG: @GiveAShit_EcoProducts

Uproot Clean

IMG_1029_jpg 5.jpg

Uproot Clean reached out to us to try their products and give an honest review. 
And were so glad we agreed.
When I tell you my mouth DROPPED using the carpet rakes.. I was in shock. Now I vacuum often (you do when you have multiplier corgis lol) but the hair that the "Xtra" rake got out even after a vacuum... shook. Even the handheld "Pro" rake! I haven't been able to get the fur out of the carpet on our dog ramp for the bed... the Pro rake, well, worked like a pro! 
They didn't stop there.. now, we have tried a couple other pet grooming kits, and they were ok, but Uproot Clean's kit was all the basics and more. They took the same technology they used for their rakes and included an attachment that will vacuum and remove pet fur from your couch in just one sweep. Again, shook. For the grooming side, not only does is vacuum all the hair while grooming, but you can switch it over to now blow air to be a dryer. Really, great company, great employees, and a amazing kist of products!

Shop the rakes and grooming kit at:

Discount code: FLCORGIS10

IG: @uprootclean

Jellyfish Pet Dryer


Jellyfish reached out to us to try their pet handheld dryer and I was a bit hesitant because how is this different than my hairdryer? A world of a difference! Its extremely lightweight (1.21lbs), 190CFM

Revolutionary Air Volume, 4 levels Smart Temperature Control, and 40-75dB low noise. Our dry time is cut in hlaf- if not more, the girls don't mind the noise like they do with my own hair dryer, and after drying two dogs.. my wrist isn't killing me! I HIGHLY recommend this grooming tool for at home!

Shop the dryer at Amazon:

Discount code: (Expired)

IG: @jellyfishdryer_official



We've been using finn for a bit now and really love the product. Our go-to tins are:

Allergy & Itch:
Powered by colostrum, quercetin, and bee propolis that help support your dog's seasonal allergies, normal histamine levels, and immune response.

Skin & Coat:
Formulated with omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that help promote a luscious skin and coat, shedding maintenance, and healthy skin cells.

Calming Aid:

Supports Calm And Relaxation

Helps Reduce Stress

Made With Soothing Natural Herbs

Great For Fireworks, Travel, And Vet Trips

Shop at:

Discount Code: LUNALILY10


IG: @petfinn

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