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Ruff Gems Co


Ruff Gems Co is a small, woman-owned business that has stunning, handmade personalized tags for your best friend. Donna, the owner, a true artisan, pours her passion and creativity into each and every piece, ensuring that no two are ever exactly alike. The level of customization and attention to detail is what sets Ruff Gems apart, as each tag is crafted to order with the utmost care and precision. To say Im in love with these tags is an understatement. Currently I have 6 pieces (for each girl, 12 total lol), from seasons to holidays, from keepsake memory pieces to custom made. We have one that was designed just for my closest friends and I. If I could, I would have every single one of her tags. So whether you're looking for a tag to celebrate a seasons, a holiday, preserve a cherished memory, or an everyday tag, Ruff Gems has an exquisite option to suit your needs.

Check out this shop at:
Discount Code: FLCORGIS10

IG: @ruffgemsco

FurHaven Puffer Jacket


FurHaven may be the leader of dog beds, but did you know they also offer some apparel? We just HAD to get the Reversible Reflective Puffer Dog Coat. This coat features a coated stain and rain resistant fabric for water repellency, and an insulated fiber core for warmth and comfort. This coat is fully reversible, just switch from the stylish colorful side to the reflective silver side for increased visibility. The coat features a convenient packable pocket for storage- maybe it be poop bags or snacks!

Get it here:

Discount: FLCORGIS

IG: @furhavenpetproducts

TatoNugget Knits


Whether you're seeking the perfect cold-weather accessory to keep your canine companion toasty or hoping to outfit yourself in a stylish, homespun look, these handmade wonders have you covered. Filled with an abundance of charming options that are sure to melt the hearts of both pup and person alike. There are so many cute colors and fun designs to choose from and you don't need a tag to know these are handmade with love. Best part? Every purchase directly supports animals in need, with all proceeds going towards making a positive difference in the lives of our furry friends. So why not treat yourself and your pet to the coziest, cutest knits around, knowing that your investment will not only bring joy but also make the world a little bit brighter for those most in need of a helping hand - or paw? It's an opportunity that's simply too good to pass up.

To order email

IG: @TatoNugget_Knits

Great Lakes + Paws

IMG_5147 2.JPG

I love these bandanas by Jessica at Great Lakes and Paws! They are held together by little snaps (so be sure to measure your pups neck) and the prints are stunning! 100% cotton and 100% adorable! It doesnt stop at bandanas.. you can match your pup with a scrunchie or a key fob! I have MULTIPLE sets. My newest and most favorite is the Bumblin' Around.

You can purchase here:
Discount Code: FLORIDACORGIS10

IG: @greatlakesandpaws

Rex Specs


Rex Specs Goggles offer premium eye protection for dogs engaged in a wide variety of activities and adventures. These versatile and highly functional goggles are designed to provide stable, secure coverage that won't hinder a dog's performance or range of motion. Whether your canine companion is a professional working dog parachuting from helicopters, a leisurely stroller on a sunny day, a bird-flushing hunting hound, or a motorcycle-riding pup, Rex Specs have them covered. The lenses on these goggles block an impressive 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, safeguarding your dog's delicate eyes from damaging ultraviolet exposure. The lenses are also impact-resistant and fully replaceable, ensuring the goggles can withstand heavy use and last for years. The dynamic strap system allows for a snug, secure fit without compromising your dog's mobility or agility. The singular spherical lens design maximizes the field of view and internal space for optimal comfort, even during extended wear. For added convenience, the vented frame quickly drains water and provides ample airflow to prevent fogging. Constructed from flexible, durable materials and lined with protective foam, Rex Specs offer comprehensive defense against debris, wind, and other environmental hazards your dog may encounter on any adventure. No matter where your explorations take you and your canine companion, these versatile, high-performance goggles will keep your dog's eyes safe and secure.
I'll be honest- I bought these when they had a killer sale. Having two dogs makes everything twice as expensive lol. 
I will say the lens are very easy to change and so far we haven't scratched them. I started training them using the clear lens first so they could see (literally lol), eat, and play like normal. They do prefer them when in a vehicle with the top off or windows down, but if there is no wind we are still working on tolerance.
I got a size medium, and not a size small which looks like should have been the size to buy. A friend showed me that the small didn't give them their full eye sight range and that the medium did - even if there was a little gap on the sides of their noses. If you need examples of what Im talking about- just message me!

Check out this shop at:

IG: @rexspecsk9



For those adventurous pups who like to get dirty and need a tag that can match their personality look no further. Besties offers a unique and personalized service that allows us pet owners to design their own custom pet tags, putting the power of customization directly into our hands. Rather than settling for the generic, mass-produced metal tags that are so common, Besties empowers us to create the perfect tag that truly reflects the personality and style of our fur babies. The process is simple yet highly customizable - you can choose from dozens of pre-designed templates, selecting from a vibrant array of 18 different color options and 5 unique font styles to craft the ideal look. But the true beauty of the Besties service lies in the ability to go beyond the pre-made designs and create something entirely original. Pet owners with a specific vision in mind can reach out to the Besties team at to collaborate on a one-of-a-kind custom design, ensuring their pet's tag is as singular and special as they are. And unlike those bulky, noisy metal tags, the Besties creations are lightweight, silent, and incredibly easy to clean - making them the perfect, low-profile accessory for any pet.

Check out this shop at:
IG: @bestiespetco

Le Pawdrobe


Le Pawdrobe is an asian and woman owned small business based in California. At the heart of this charming enterprise lies a passion for designing adorable and functional accessories for pets. The sailor bows and bow ties have a dual-elastic band system discreetly incorporated into the back of every accessory, allowing for effortless and secure placement over a wide variety of collar types. This thoughtful design element ensures a perfect, customized fit for each pet, no matter their size or breed.

Le Pawdrobe has an ever-expanding range of colors and patterns. From vibrant solids to playful prints and patterns, they are constantly evolving to reflect the latest trends and the owner's artistic vision. Whether your four-legged companion favors classic elegance or bold, statement-making style, Le Pawdrobe has an option to suit every pup's personality. The sheer variety of choices is a testament to the business owner's passion and dedication to providing pet owners with truly unique and high-quality accessories that will have their furry friends turning heads wherever they go. 

Check out this shop at:
Discount Code: FLCORGIS15

IG: @lepawdrobe

Byte Tag


ByteTag is a revolutionary new pet identification system that harnesses the power of modern technology to provide pet owners with a comprehensive, centralized way to store and share their furry friend's critical information. At the heart of the ByteTag system is a small, durable pet tag that contains a unique QR code and URL link. This tag can be easily attached to your pet's collar, acting as a digital ID that can be quickly scanned or searched to instantly access your pet's full profile. 


With a ByteTag, all of your pet's vital details - from their name and breed to their medical records and emergency contacts - are conveniently compiled into a single, easy-to-access digital file. The QR code on the back of the tag allows you to instantly pull up this information simply by scanning it with your smartphone's camera. Alternatively, you can manually type in the unique URL associated with your pet's tag to reach the same profile page. This dual access method ensures that your pet's data is readily available no matter the situation - whether you're out on a walk and need to show their rabies tag, or you've had to take them to the vet for an unexpected issue.


The beauty of the ByteTag system is in its sheer convenience and comprehensive nature. Rather than digging through paperwork or rattling off details from memory, pet owners can rest assured that all of their furry friend's critical information is stored securely in one centralized location that can be accessed in seconds. This innovative technology truly gives pet parents the peace of mind of knowing that, should their beloved animal ever become lost or need emergency care, the information necessary to bring them home safely is just a quick scan or URL search away.


Pet profiles display the following information:

    •    One or more phone numbers

    •    One or more addresses

    •    Health information (medication, allergies, sterilization)

    •    Behavior information (good with dogs, cats, children?)

    •    Provider information (vet name, vet phone number, rabies number, etc.)

    •    Quick bio about your pet

Purchase here:
Discount Code: FLCORGIS


Freya's Floral Company


I'm OBSESSED with these flower crowns. I have ordered 4 crowns in total and I cannot stop raving about the quality, price, and customer service. 

You can order your crown here:

IG: @FreyasFloralCo

Little Chonk


There isn't much to say other than- dont buy any other backpack other than a Little Chonk. 
Not only is it the most comfortable (dog) backpack you'll wear, but the support it gives your dog is top notch. 
Other backpacks are more like "sacs" with no back support for your pup. Little Chonk worked with vets to make sure this was not only comfortable for your fur baby but also safe. Please go check them out!

You can purchase here:

IG: @heylittlechonk

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