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Luna &  Lily

We are Jess, Luna, and Lily!

But let's be real, you're here for the corgis.

Luna Banana Lovegood was born December 22nd 2015 in Dillon, Montana. The beginning of our story started in Utah in 2016, when Luna  came home. We‘ve had so many fun outdoor adventures together, hiking in mountains, swimming in hot springs, and kayaking in lakes (well.. lake, Bear Lake lol). In 2017 we decided we needed a change and made the move to Florida. Then, July 21st 2018, Lily Bean Potter was born. Lily is Luna's real biological sister — they share the same parents! Lily was also born in Dillion, Montana, but then traveled to Salt Lake to stay with a friend for a week before flying to her new home in Sarasota, Florida. Both of the girls have since been on many adventures, including road tripping to the state of Michigan to explore and play in the Great Lakes! Nowadays, you can find the two sisters frapping on the beaches and swimming with dolphins in the western gulf of the sunshine state.

You can keep up to date with our adventures by following our adventures on social media by searching @FloridaCorgis !



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